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What am I even doing?

Who am I kidding?

Myself, I hope, with all of this Negative Self Talk.

Be nice to my friend Jane;

I love her and I kinda like her.

She can be really fun.


I filled out a quick “spotlight” questionnaire today, and I decided I may as well post it here too. Share your responses if you feel the desire.

Name: Jane Rae Hahn Leat (Coe). Jane Rae Coe is what it will be eventually.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Languages: English, French, Italian

Profession: Undecided

Why You Volunteer for Kiva.org: I like the sense of community I get from translating the personal stories of the people requesting loans, far away as we may be from one another.

Fun Fact: My favorite 80s movie is Ghostbusters

Personal News

I returned to the US in March from a four-month-long trip with my husband to Southeast Asia. We decided to purchase our first home in Kansas City, MO, and have finally gotten settled in, just in time for the cozy fall weather. I’ve included a photo of the new house, and a picture of my husband and I during our stay in Thailand. If you’d like to know more about the trip, please check out the travel blog we made at the time: www.jeffenjane.com, or leave a comment below.


Last week, our new house started feeling more like home (more on that soon!). As things calm down around here, I’m encouraging myself to have good habits as I work on my writing and look for a job. With that in mind, here is how my schedule has looked so far today:

7:30 Get up, brush teeth

8:00 Shower in luxury

8:30 Get dressed and light a candle

8:35 Write/sketch a page in journal, think about blog post, do some yoga stretches

9:00 Eat breakfast, feed the cats

9:20 Start writing an article

…and that’s as far as I’ve gotten today. But I’d say that’s a pretty good start! The reason I’m sharing this is two-fold: it helps me to write down what I’ve done, which gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it also helps me to remember which things are working, and which aren’t, so that I can keep doing the good stuff tomorrow, and again the next day. The implementation of grand plans is always my stumbling block. I can make schedules and plans for hours, but unless I continue, and follow through on my projects, nothing can ever get done. So I’m working on beefing up my (good) habit muscles, and staying happier and healthier in the process.

What habit are you trying to build?

Don’t Stop Me Now

Ah, Queen, you can make grey mornings just terrific. This whole playlist, really. Hey, maybe Jeff and I will end up buying our house today after all. We will rock you indeed. Here’s hoping!


I think I’ll watch Wayne’s World today.

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