“The congregation shifted awkwardly in their seats. It was uncomfortable to be reminded that the Judgement Day might be tomorrow.” -p. 109


“Harriet looked at Belinda critically. ‘Yes, you look very nice,’ she said, ‘but I think I should use some more lipstick if I were you. Artificial light is apt to make one look paler.’

‘Oh, no, Harriet, I don’t think I can use any more,’ said Belinda. ‘I shouldn’t really feel natural if I did. Thou art not fair for all thy red and white,’ she quoted vaguely, leaving Harriet to wallow in her bath.” -p. 115


“…she knew he was not pleased at the prospect of the Bishop. Prospect of bishops, she thought, liking the phrase, but at that moment the curate espied the train coming round the bend in the station.” -p.162


“…I suppose women like to think of themselves as girls long after they are thirty.” -p.204


“Belinda paused in her kneading, remembering the many times she had worn the dress. Had she always looked yellow in it? It was a disturbing thought. ‘I suppose that old tweed coat is past wearing,’ she went on sadly, ‘but I’ve always liked it so much.’

‘It’s no use being sentimental about things,’ said Harriet. ‘You shouldn’t keep a clutter of clothes you never wear just because you once liked them.’

Belinda made no comment on this, for she was thinking Harriet’s words might be applied to more serious things than clothes. If only one could clear out one’s mind and heart as ruthlessly as one did one’s wardrobe….” -p.220

As you can imagine, this was necessary academic writers in my position with all the requisite writing involved